Pet Boarding Chapel Hill, N.C.

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It's a pet boarding paradise at Pettsboro Groom and Room,
and their angel is Toni Thomas. A documentary short by Mark Barroso.

Let Pettsboro handle all your Pet Boarding and dog grooming needs. We provide pet boarding for dogs of all ages and sizes as well as cats, birds, and other small animals. We are an open area kennel. The dogs get to play all day with their friends. The rooms are air conditioned and heated with doggy doors to the outside runs everywhere. Prior to booking a reservation, you must bring your dog in for an interview and tour. Its a Vacation for your pet!!

We are a pet boarding and dog grooming facility, we believe in "the pack" mentality here. All of our dogs are free roaming here in the facility, they socialize all day, get fed top of the line food, and are treated like they are our very own pets. Our dog grooming is also top knotch, and will groom to any preference as long as the dog is in a condition to allow. We are no nonsense here and our main concern is the well being and health of your pet, so if we see something we do not like, we will let you know for the animal's benefit. Before we take any clients, we do a tour of the pet boardidng facility, and a meet and greet with your pet to observe the interaction with the other dogs and to properly plan on which "pack" your pet will become part of. It's a pet boarding vacation for your pet!

We have two professional dog groomers on call with many years of dog grooming experience. Pettsboro is licensed and state certified pet boarding facility. Our primary goal is the comfort, health, well being and happiness of your pet. We provide pet boarding services for all breeds at reasonable prices.

Pettsboro is a professional pet boarding and dog grooming facility, serving Pittboro and Chapel Hill, North Carolina.